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Every lock needs a key and sometimes the key can become a hazard for the lock. Not only the quality of lock is important but it is very important to have a high quality key made. If your key is not of good quality and it’s not cut properly, then it will wear out your lock in less time. This is an important issue to take care of. Many people ignore this factor, but when you get a spare key made you must ensure few things. There are ways through which you can identify if your locksmith has made an original key copy or not.

Matching Grooves and Shoulders:

The first thing to notice about a new key is to check their size and alignment. If the key is of exact shape and size, then it’s an original. If the other key’s shoulder is a bit higher or brooder than the first one, then the second key is of low quality and not original.

Key numbers:

Every key has a number or code written at the front. This is the best and easiest way to check a key. If the code is similar and written in same way, then it’s an original key.

Car model for car keys:

If you don’t tell your locksmith about the car model, then it is most likely that he is going to make a fake copy. Many companies try to exploit the keys’ originality when you don’t tell them the car model or year. Thus, do tell them the car model so they know that you are aware of this situation and in this way they won’t fool you.

Confidence of the key maker:

Ask your locksmith if he has made an original copy of the key. Note his body language and facial expressions. It is more likely that if he is lying, it will immediately shatter his confidence. This is another easy and tricky way to check if your key is made original.

Condition of the original key:

Compare your first key with the copy. Did it wear out in less time? Or is it still working fine? If the new key made wears out in less time, then the chances are that it was not an original copy. The original keys have longer life and they are more durable. On the other hand, a fake or spare key will not be as much durable. The locksmiths try to fool you, but don’t get trapped.

Key bending:

Try and bend the key just a little. A strong and original key will be harder to bend. It will hurt your hand a little. On the other hand, a low quality key will bend quickly. These kinds of keys are more likely to break in a lock due to their bending property.

The purpose is to make you aware of original key identification. Check the above things before you get a new spare key. Make sure your locksmith knows that you know how to identify a bad key. We at designated local locksmith do not make weak material keys. You are lucky if you live around Kansas because Designated is best locksmith Overland Park. You will not regret trying us.